Remote access through the ALERT! program provides increased network stability and reliability. Problems are eliminated before they can disrupt business computing activities.

ALERT! also allows small businesses to strategically grow their network without the necessity of hiring additional IT staff and ALERT! will enhance current IT staff productivity by reducing network management burdens. Staff is then freed up to focus on other strategic initiatives

Overview of ALERT! Support
One in 10 networks crash each month Don’t Be Helpless...Be ALERT!

Through a Virtual Private Network connection (VPN) our trained ALERT! technicians are able to access you server/computer and begin working on solutions immediately. The ALERT! program improves technical support response time, saving you money.

The ALERT Program also provides:

• Immediate and complete remote support.  All ALERT! calls receive priority handling.
• Instant support through VPN.  This provides solutions in minutes - not hours, so you’re always running smoothly.
• Secure connections provides you the peace of mind, so you can know that your data is protected.
• Dedicated & Experienced ALERT! engineers are ready to employ their 20+ years of combined experience to solving the “little” problems before they become serious issues.
• Savings on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), providing you a better return on your network investment.

Additional benefits of the ALERT Program

Desktop Assist: Allows ALERT! engineers to solve issues on any workstation(s) you select.

Tape Watch: Every tape backup is monitored for you. You don’t have to worry about loosing critical data.

Virus Watch: Always have the most current updates to make sure your system is protected.

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