County of Del Norte

Dan McCorkle, Information Services Manager

It is my pleasure to recommend MultiNET Information Systems to you. We have been contracting with MultiNET for several years now, to implement and maintain our County Wide Area Network (WAN).

We first contracted with MultiNET to design and implement a series of Novell and Microsoft NT servers throughout several County facilities. At the time we had only a couple of servers and no connectivity between the various facilities. MultiNET designed and implemented a series of connected Novell and Microsoft NT servers throughout several facilities. For the first time the County now had the ability to electronically communicate between departments. The need for higher bandwidth between departments and out to the Internet became a priority, as the County realized the benefits of this new system. Again we contracted with MultiNET and they were able to adapt our equipment to get the bandwidth we needed and add even our most remote facilities into the network.

We started with three servers with no Internet, email, or connectivity between facilities. Currently we have 12 servers connecting 9 facilities, and high speed Internet and email capabilities. We went from having 100 employees on a mainframe system to 350 employees having access to all the various services.

Again we contracted with MultiNET to help us maintain our system. Our only issue was response time. MultiNET is three hours from our location. Any general maintenance or upgrades we needed done had to be scheduled well in advance which resulted in some maintenance being delayed until we had enough work to justify the trip.

MultiNET designed a solution of maintaining our systems through a VPN. With this VPN they have the ability to access our systems from their main office. Since the County has a very strict security policy, we were hesitant to allow this type of access to our systems. We must meet several security guidelines forced on us by the State of California and the Department of Justice. MultiNET was able to implement a system that met all these State guidelines and County requirements. Currently MultiNET can upgrade software, troubleshoot problems, and give us statistics about our network. Not only do we get immediate response to our problems, but also our maintenance costs have decreased dramatically. We save the costs of traveling and even more important, the costs associated with down time.

MultiNET has been a great asset to our department. The ability to design and implement solutions to meet our specific and sometimes non-standard needs has helped us tremendously. We now have other counties asking us for advise on setting up networks and our County administration acknowledges our accomplishments by increasing our budget and staffing levels each year since we began our network expansion. I strongly recommend MultiNET Information Systems to you for any of your networking needs.

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