YMCA Rogue Valley

Lisa Rupert, Associate Executive Director

I wanted to spend a moment to let you know of something exciting I believe can be a benefit to you and your office, just as it has been for us here at the Medford YMCA.

As our need and dependence on computers grow, so does our frustration when they fail, lock up or simply stop working. As you know, when your system goes down you run the risk of
• Losing access to important data that may be permanently lost or will have to be reconstructed
• Losing the ability to process important data
• Losing employee productivity (all to often, when the computers go down, everyone goes down)

For us, the solution was found in a company called MultiNET and their ALERT! program.

With MultiNET’s ALERT! program the technicians can connect to your system remotely and begin to solve your software and network issues through a secure Internet connection. With this connection, the dedicated ALERT! engineers can start solving the problem immediately (rather than hours or days later, which is frequently the case with “traditional” tech support).

Multi-Net has been supportive, patient, generous and great to work with! They have been a great resource and help for our computer needs and questions. I am confident they can be a great support to you also.

As you face computer and network questions, or you are considering purchasing new computer hardware, please consider giving them a call. You can talk to Mike Dalton or Tim Pritchett or any of the other folks at MultiNET.

You can also contact me directly if you have any questions.

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