Pacific Retirement Services, Inc.

Marc Johnson, Network Adminstrator

When I first heard about MultiNETís ALERT! service, I was skeptical with regards to itís value for our business. I am glad to say that my reservations were incorrect. MultiNET has provided an excellent service with ALERT!, especially in the following areas:

Reduced cost on phone support Ė Our company has a full time qualified IT Staff, however there are those instances where we need the staff at MultiNET for an answer to an obscure problem or issue. Knowing that we have 4 hours of prepaid support at a lower than normal rate, because of our enrollment on the ALERT! program, give our staff the freedom to use MultiNET expertise for those occasional over-the-phone support questions.

Direct connection to our network Ė Having an ALERT! server at MultiNETís facility makes it easy for them to assist us with the larger support issues we may encounter. Knowing that we can get assistance without having to schedule an onsite visit helps us get problems resolved faster, thus allowing our employees to continue their day with less downtime. Also knowing that we are the only network on our individual ALERT! server alleviates any fear of security breaches we may have had in this day of hackers and viruses.

Virus protection updates Ė With the added ALERT! program features of VIRUS WATCH on all of our servers, we can rest assured that our anti-virus scanners are up to date with the latest virus signatures and concentrated on the more technical issues our department requires of us.

I would whole-heartedly recommend MutltiNETís ALERT! program to any company whose network is mission critical. Having the MultiNET staff keeping an eye on things allows you to focus on the bigger picture of your business with less worry about some of the little things, and added peace of mind is never a bad thing.

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