Coquille School District No. 8

Eileen Harrington, Business Manager/Technology Director

Coquille School District has contracted with MultiNET Information Systems for the last several years, to manage our network and be our primary provider of technology services.

MultiNET established a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for us, so that they can actually manage our network from their office in Medford. They manage our GroupWise accounts, network issues, even individual computer problems. Using the Remote Administrator software, they can actually enter any individual computer on our network and take control of the computer for necessary action. We also rely on their advice on equipment and systems for our district, and appreciate that they are very much aware of budgetary restraints as well as the technology needs of education.

We have found MultiNET staff to be friendly, fast, professional, and up-to-date on our needs. Using their service has been such an advantage to us, both financially and in efficiency. We find their services to be very reasonably priced, and plan to continue using them.

I would like to highly recommend MultiNET to other school districts as an alternative to other more costly means of technology services. If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact me.

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