Naumes, Inc.

Kyle C. White, IS Manager

Dear Jeff and Crew,

I just wanted to let you know how much we at Naumes appreciate you and your staff. Your professionalism and availability to answer our questions in a timely manner makes my job as IS Manager much easier. Your thorough knowledge of GroupWise, BorderManager and the various Novell OS versions are indispensable to us. I especially rely on your ability to support us through the ALERT! VPN, whether I am in the corporate office in Medford, or one of the offices from northern Washington to central California. Running a multi-state WAN is a complicated affair, withou your ability to see what I do when I am working on any of our Novell servers, it would be much more difficult. It also saves us a significant amount of money since we don't have to fly you to these locations to assist me on high-level server issues, troubleshooting, software upgrades and patches.

The installation of your AutoBuild process onto the servers in the other states has also been a huge help to me in managing the perennial workstation issues that crop up on any network. I am able to train sub-administrators to quickly rebuild workstations with all the necessary programs which my users need in order to accomplish their jobs, significantly cutting our downtime at the workstation level. In these days of such an onslaught of viruses, it is sometimes the most cost effective way to deal with any viruses that get through the standard virus protection, just "AutoBuild" and move on! This also allows me to keep a minimum amount of spare hardware staged up and down the West Coast in our various offices.

Keep up the good work!

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