Volume: 05 d December 28, 2004

Introductions Please

Keeping you plugged in

The newly launched MultiNOTES electronic newsletter is one more way we want to be a source of help and support to you, your business and your computer network. Once a month, we will provide you with facts, tips and hints to help make your job easier and your computer network more reliable. In addition to the information that is included in this newsletter, we want to hear from you about...

  • The things that you want to read about.
  • What are some common problems you encounter?
  • Is there a new technology or software application you'd like more information on?

  • Let us know for consideration in future issues.

    We promise to keep the information relevant to those things you face on a daily basis. Plus, make you aware of updates and new services and information that may be of interest to you.

    This is just one more way that we want to demonstrate our commitment to serving you and to provide you with helpful information.

    New & Improved Looks and Functionality

    We've just launched are new web site to provide you with easier access to the products and services offered by MultiNET. Not only can you find out more information about Hardware support, Networking Solutions and our innovative ALERT program, but you'll also see some great comments from existing customers (is yours listed on our site?)

    There is a new Tip of the Week to give you valuable nuggets to help maintain regular computer/network health. You can also request to receive information on any of the MultiNET services through our Contact Us form.

    Little Virus - Big Problems

    Sasser. Bagle. Netsky. Melissa. If you've been hit with any of these viruses, the very thought of them makes your blood pressure rise. Besides decreasing productivity and increasing frustrations, Viruses, Worms can cause extremely detrimental results to your workstation, server and/or network. But, as the saying goes "An ounce of prevention" can go a long ways in protecting you from these big problems.

    The good news is there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself from would be threats.

    1. Install a Virus Protection Software Program. It sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised at how many people simply don't do it - or they have the software on their computer, but they don't update the security patches. Since new viruses are discovered almost daily, the new patches are required to maintain the most current protection available.

    2. Be Careful What You Open. Files that end with the extensions of .doc .xls .gif. jpg are all data files and can't cause any damage. However files with extensions like .exe .com or .vbs are all executable (which means they start some kind of program) and these can cause serious problems if they are malicious files. Also if a file has more than one extension (i.e. LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.VBS), you many want to question the source.

    3. Know the Source. If you don't know the source of where the file came from, or if it just some how "...looks funny..." - even if you do know who sent it to you - don't trust it. You can always check with the person to verify if they sent you a file.

    With a little extra caution, you can minimize your chance of being affected by viruses.

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    How Computer Viruses Work, by Marshall Brain

    Real Solutions For Real Problems

    Question: What do you do when your system is down and you need solutions right away?

    Question: How well would your system (or your office) continue to function if your office computer tech quit?

    The answer to both of these questions can often times reveal and uncomfortable answer. We at MultiNET believe we have an answer that will help provide some peace of mind, be easy on your pocket book and keep everyone in your office smiling (...at least as it relates to your computer system...)

    With the fact that 1 our of every 10 computer networks crash, knowing that you have a solution that gets you back up and running as quickly as possible is a business essential. Knowing that every time there is a computer problem, employee productivity plummets is a business nightmare.

    MultiNET has the solution that begins providing a solution with just a phone call. With the ALERT! program (Assisting LANs with Essential Remote Technologies), a trained technician can connect with your network in a way that exceeds "traditional phone support".

    You'll Appreciate the ALERT! Program...
    If the error message "Hit Any Key" causes you to look for a hammer.
    With just a phone call, a trained ALERT technician can be working on a solution for almost any computer/network issue - REMOTELY!
    This saves you Time, Money and Frustration

    You'll Like the ALERT! Programm...
    If you're tired of other "solutions" that don't really solve the problems of your network. With the ALERT! program, we promise service that not only creates a high degree of network stability, but can also significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.
    This helps to keep your Staff and your Budget happy

    You'll Love the ALERT! Program...
    If you don't want to deal with the headache of waiting for a technician to arrive "...sometime between 8:00 and Noon", or even worse, having to bring your workstation or server in for every single problem that comes up.
    This keeps your Down Time to a Minimum

    You'll Want the ALERT! Program...
    Whether you're the "computer expert" by default or the head of your IT department. The experience and support that you receive from the ALERT technicians will put your mind at ease, regardless of your level of computer expertise or the complexity of your network.
    This Enhances your staff's Productivity by reducing network management burdens. You are then freed up to focus on other Important strategic Initiatives.

    Call us today to set up a time where we can explain how the ALERT! program can begin to make life easier for you.

    Don't Be Helpless...Be ALERT!

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    Quote of the Month

    By: Greg White
    Of: Reinholdt & O'Harra Insurance


    I can not count the times that ALERT! has served my agency and has been well worth every dollar.
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