Tip Number: 109

Keep Sensitive Files Private

If you share a workstation with others, you may be looking for ways to keep you private or confidential information...private or confidential.

In addition to the default protection that Windows XP offers, you can also consider:

Creating a password-protected compressed folder (sounds impressive, huh?)
1. Select where you want the protected folder to reside
2. Right click and select
* New
* Compressed (Zipped) folder
3. Name the new folder to your specifications
4. Move the private/confidential files into this new folder
5. Now, open the new compressed folder and select
* File
* Add Password

Encrypted Folders, while they don't require a password, are accessible only by you. When done, you won't notice any changes, however the folder name displays in a different color. To encrypt a folder
1. Right click the folder you want to encrypt
2. Choose Sharing and Security from the menu
3. Select the tab called "General"
4. Click on the "Advanced" button
5. Looking at the Advanced attributes, check the box "Encrypt contents" to secure the data.
6. Click ok and then ok again

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