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Memory is the first thing to go

As you get older, the first two things to go are your memory and...uhh, I don't remember the other one...

The more your computer does (the number of programs you run, graphically detailed information, etc.) the more memory your computer needs. If you don't have enough, your computer starts using "virtual memory", which means it uses your hard drive to compensate. This is much slower than the real thing. Windows, by its very nature requires a lot of memory. While the Minimum System Requirements listed by Microsoft are 64 MB, often times 128 MB isn't enough.

Complete this little test to see how your memory is being used - Run just one program at a time (for some of us, this can be a challenge). If, while running just one program you notice an improvement in speed and performance - you may need more memory (aka RAM).

If it's time to add more memory to your machine, call MultiNET and we can talk through your options.

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