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Spyware and Viruses got you down?

Another possible reason for a computer to slow down and have poor performance can be Spyware and/or a Virus.

For a virus, make sure your Anti-Virus software is up to date. Also, make sure the update process runs by manually running the update(don't always rely on the automated launch).

Spyware is a problem that has and will continue to increase. If you're on the internet - you're a target. Two programs that are able to help you remove most of the Spyware that is out there are called Ad-Aware and Spybot: Search & Destroy.

Both of these programs can be downloaded for free by navigating to www.download.com. About two-thirds of the way down the web page, they have a section for their top downloads. Ad-Aware and Spybot are almost always the #1 and the #2 download. We recommend that you download and run both of them. Usually, one will find some issues that other missed (and vise-versa).

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