Tip Number: 133

Diamond in the Rough: Customize your Desktop

Not only can you customize your Start Menu, you can customize how your desktop looks.
1. Right Click on your desktop (you may need to minimize the windows of other programs that are currently open to do this)
2. Click Properties
3. Click on the Desktop Tab
4. Here you have the option to change your desktop "Wallpaper"
5. Click the "Customize Desktop" button
6. Here, on the General Tab, you can choose which Windows Desktop Icons are added to or removed from your Desktop (My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places, Internet Explorer)
7. You can also change the icon for these standard icons by clicking on the "Change Icon..." button (or Restore Default. If you don't like what you've done and don't know how to get them back to how they were before you started)
8. You also have the option to clean up unused icons off of your desktop. Windows will go through and determine which icons have not been used recently and place them into a folder (still on your desktop). The folder will have the new name of "Unused Desktop Shortcuts" With this checked, Windows will check your desktop every 60 days and then ask you how you want to proceed

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